Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Mc Cain Smiles

When it comes to the happiness of my loved ones, infinity is the limit till where I can reach or aim at reaching to ensure their happiness or a smile on their face. I am sure it is the same for all of us, as our loved ones and family is what we live for and love to do things for. I personally enjoy food, and considering the fact that I belong to a Sindhi family gives me the leverage all the more to say this that I am a Foodie. We are just born to eat. Trust me when I say that, for we mean every word of this. And well so the same passes on from one generation to the next in the family.

In my family I am closest to my younger sister and wish to give her all the happiness that she deserves and wish to fulfil every wish of hers, and so it goes without saying that she is the most pampered by me in every aspect, Be it Showroom shopping to Street Hoping, we do it all together. And so there is no exception to food. Food being our source of living or rather the only hope for living.

I would be more than willing to use a quick and rather easy method to get away with her demand when it comes upon me, given the fact that I am lazy too. But Nevertheless, I enjoy cooking for her some yummy and different food, which is not just yummy in taste but also healthy to the tummy. And well, I would use Mc Cain Smiles as a surprise snacks for her this weekend when she would get done with her Mid Term Exams. I am sure a smiley snack would get the smile back on her face, which has been lost in the books and the past few study weeks. I would team up the Mc Cain Smiles with a cheese dip, as she is a big time cheese lover, and can have the dip that I make with almost everything and so this is how I plan to give her a small surprise this weekend after a stressful exam week. This would definitely get a smile on her face, as she is a total foodie and would to be surprised by me, with something so delicious and yummy.

Well this is my way of getting a smile on the face of my younger sister, who means the world to me. I hope she keeps smiling like the smile the Mc Cain snack has. Please see the link below:

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