Friday, 3 June 2016

The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

A modern design and excellent performance, these are the two key features one looks for while taking their first ever ride. Taking a car in India is considered more of prestige. One looks for the nitty gritty of the vehicle before making the investment. Having said that, one always ensures that they get all such features in their car.  Let me now introduce to you one such vehicle which gives you all the features that you are looking for, from performance, to design, to style, the car has it all. It’s one of the finest creation of the Japanese technology. A product of Nissan – The Datsun Redi-Go is the new ride. Nissan has always believed in delivering great performance of all its vehicles and this remains status quo for its new ride as well. I am more than excited to take my first ride with the Datsun Redi – Go and some of its features that appeal to me the most are given below.

The Design – The vehicle has a great design which makes it the most attractive feature for a ride. The car gives you a nice and sporty look which I have always wanted for a very long time now. This makes the car exteriors very sporty and give them a great look overall.

The Interiors - The car interiors are superb, which includes a very spacious room for all passengers, which is a perfect fit for my family considering the fact that we are all a bit on the healthier side. The car is a just perfect for us. The car also has a very comfortable and sporty fabric for its seats, which makes long journey rides very comfortable and hassle free. Besides the car also has a great audio system, which is a must for youngsters like us, who survive on loud music and mid -night drives.

Air - conditioner is a must have in all vehicles considering the speed at which global warming is increasing and, in -turn the heat in India is increasing. The high temperatures and humidity make it almost impossible to survive the summers in India and therefore a vehicle which provides great air conditioning is a must.

Another feature that attracts me to the vehicle is the fuel efficiency. Knowing the fact that fuel is getting costlier day by day, it’s very important to have a car which is fuel efficient and delivers great performance. The new Nissan Datsun Redi – Go is a vehicle which provides all of the above features and much more. The manual gear, the engine are some of another great feature of the vehicle.

I personally love the car and its features and given the affordability, I am certain to check out the car and take a quick ride on it soon. The best part is one can even book the car on one of the largest E-commerce website or by the visiting the nearest dealership store.

To answer where will I test the vehicle, it would definitely be in Mumbai as I am from Mumbai. And I would be happy to test the car performance on Mumbai roads. I would test the car for its overall performance, which would be taking the car on Mumbai roads, the air conditioning of the car and lastly the fuel efficiency.

Well, that’s my take on the New Datsun Redi – Go. Take your first ride soon to test the car performance and ride with pride! Check the link -

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Khul Ke Khelo Holi

When one talks about festival, the first word that comes to my mind is family! Any festival without your family is no fun, no celebration or rather very dull. I am sure many people might oppose my view however personally for me that’s how it is! I am a person who loves celebrating all festivals and occasions, I hold no discrimination or don’t hold back myself from celebrating Diwali, Holi, Ramadan, Christmas or any other festival.

To me each festival is more time with family and friends and more togetherness. I enjoy every moment I spend during such occasions, as it is one such time or period where everyone forgets all their sorrows and indulges in the spirit of festivity. It is that time of the year again where we wish to forget all our worries and differences and look forward to celebrate a festival full of joy and happiness.

Yes folks, it’s time for Happy Holi! The festival of colours and pichkari’s. A festival full of life and togetherness. Since childhood I have always loved playing with colours and that’s one reason why I love the festival so much. I believe colours bring in a lot of positivity and good vibes. Each colour has its own significance and presence. Each colour spreads more move and more joy.
Besides, India being a country which has the world’s largest democracy where people of all different cast, creed and religion exist and live together in the land where there is equality and place for all. Indians have always been ahead in hospitality and that’s the main reason why we see India celebrating so many festivals and cultures. Being born and bought up in this multi-cultural environment I have always loved every festival. Having said that each festival also calls for more and more sweets and delicacies. This year too I plan to celebrate my holi with my loved ones, ensuring playing a safe holi.

Let me share one such memorable holi year where I was out on the roads and the beach, screaming it out to the world, Khul Ke Khelo Holi! It was during my 10th standard board exams where we got a break for holi in between the exams, having said that, the best way to take that break was by celebrating and making the best of the festival. So well, me and my friends decided to start off with the usual throwing of colours, of course by keeping in mind the normal oiling of the hair as a precaution. After the throwing of colours was over, we straight away decided to head towards this pool party which was happening near the beach and had awesome music.

We being a little high on the holi ka bhang, made full use of the pool party and just crashed the party. It was one such holi that I would never forget, the amazing music, the innocence of crashing into a party, the bhang and just being a free spirit. Of course we were totally safe and got back home to get back to the study mode, but this is one holi where I totally left myself loose and felt amazing just being there in the open and celebrating the occasion with full spirit. That was my Khul Ke Khelo Holi! I look forward to such craziness this year too! Wishing you all a very happy Khul Ke Khelo Holi celebration.

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Friday, 1 January 2016


This one is dedicated to all my office besties or rather should I just say besties. I mean why tag them as only office besties because they have been there beyond the office cubicles. Well, they say one cannot make friends at office or colleagues at work place are only there because of work and that one must disclose nothing to them about yourself or the real you.
They also say never open all your cards in the open before your office colleagues. Cards?? Seriously, I mean are we playing TEEN PATI or are we discussing my Janam Patri! Well, I personally never understood the concept of keeping a dual personality as they call. I am who I am and if people accept me the way I am then fine else they are free to walk out of my life and so I always believed and still believe in the concept of being myself and keeping myself open to meeting new people and making new friend even if it is meant to be the most bitchy place.

Well as I promised, this post is dedicated to my besties whom I met at my work place, I will strictly stick to that and tell you more about how it all started and how we developed a bond that they call friendship! It was my first day at work and I was very easily and openly accepted by Charlies Angel’s! From lunch breaks to after lunch walks we just blended very well and I was soon one of the angels of the group. :-P

While few moved on to other work assignment the rest still remained intact and in fact the bond between us just grew stronger by each passing day. Lunch was now at Tiffins and spontaneous delivery orders from Theobroma’s. The office time out sessions were the best for us to spend more time after work and indulge in some selfies.

By now Charlies Angels were dropping in number and we soon became PJS, Pakao Jokes as what some may call it. We have our own reasons for the group name, which is better undisclosed at this platform. PJS didn’t grow in number but the bond in them was like never before. They changed the definition of work colleagues and became a gossip among the tinsel town of office.

We tagged around after office for movies, to shopping to instant lunch plans, to random coffee shop conversations. And this just made PJS more and more stronger in their unity. We literally felt the pain of each other, if one was down the other would make sure they do all to cheer. We sang to each other, the kiddish talks, the washroom gossips, the endless selfies, the poses. The list was long….

Well, to cut short my post, as I can go on writing about PJS and their bond. I would just say, PJS’s has now parted ways to move for better prospects but the friendship that grew within the office has moved beyond the horizons and glass doors of office. Because we have now made what they call in the truest form FRIENDSHIP.

PJS – I love you guys for all your support! You have been the greatest strength at work! And this post is a small dedication to our long live friendship!

Friday, 18 December 2015

i-genius Young Singing Stars II

Well, the event powered by Max Life Insurance was truly a big hit and totally amazing. Right from the organization of the event to the arrangement of participants and jury. The event was outstanding! The event known as the I Genius young singing starts season II was a great initiative by Max Life Insurance to promote talent and also recognize the talent on a public platform. The association of two large and renowned organizations coming together and organizing such events is a great boost to the young talent of our country.

Post the huge hit and success story of season I, the company planned to launch this event yet again and came up with season II to create yet another hit story. The programme attracted total of more than two lakh fifty thousand participants this year too across India and works as a great guiding source for children and young minds of the age group between 4-15 years. The organization of such events truly reflects the social responsibility of Max Life Insurance where they are ready to invest in talent and young minds of the future.

I personally loved and thoroughly enjoyed the performance of all the young dynamites who did an amazing job at this young age. The confidence level of these dynamites was sky high and clearly shows the talent our country has. Besides the jury was commendable with renowned members of our Industry like Salim Merchant and Shraddha Sharma. A big applause to the jury to make such a tough call and have winners in front of us, because it truly is a task to dishearten or judge among such young talents where all of them are amazingly outstanding.

To conclude my experience I would just say the event was a great initiative by Max Life Insurance and Universal Music India where they decided to promote the young talents and offered them a great platform for their first break.

Kudos to the young dynamites and an applause to Max and Universal!

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Edelweiss App

Edelweiss had this one event this week where they launched a mobile application. This is one of the best trading app one would have ever come across. It not only lets you open an account but also allows you to trade from your mobile phones. This application called the Edelweiss Mobile Trader is your perfect partner to let you make the most of trading opportunities.

There was a time when trading used to happen only in particular places and people used to queue up with large files in their hand and then there came a revolution in the era of trading and that’s when people shifted to computers and internet to trade. Edelweiss has now come up with a mobile application that allows you to trade on the go.

This app allows you to open an account in just 60 minutes unlike other long procedures of the bank to open a trading account. Simply by putting your email id and your pan card no the app would fetch all relevant details and then either you can send in your other details by WhatsApp or email or alternatively somebody would come over to get them from you. The App is extremely easy to access. All the data points are on one screen and there are distinguishes with respect to the current market condition with the help of colors.

This is one app that everybody who trades should definitely download from the play store or the app store. This app lets you do all the trading job by simply tapping and voila you have all your information. Also if you are somebody who is doing trading for the first time what would be better than starting with this app? Go download this app now.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Make room for something new with Stayzilla

Stayzilla, well the app and the concept of the app itself took me by surprise. I mean it is totally amazing to even think some app like this. I agree that technology is growing at a faster pace today but at this fast pace, is something that did not struck me at all. I was truly amazed with the entire idea and thought behind creating such an app. An app which will totally suit the preference of people, and app which can help you make money, an app which can help you socialize, an app which will help you connect to the society. You name it and it helps you with all those services. Well my appreciation may not be expressed in words, because I truly love the concept and brain behind the creation of the app.

Allow me to now introduce with some really amazing features of the app, well the app allows you to choose to be a guest or a host or both, so it totally depends upon what you do and who you wish to be during a particular time. If you are a host, make room for something new is what the tagline of the app is, which in simple context means make room for new people, new opportunities, new ideas, new thoughts, new hobbies, new interests and a bunch of new things. You can be a host for any business guest or leisure, and which will not at all pinch the pocket.

Well, just like you are a host, you can also be on the other side of the table, where you can be the guest and enjoy the same list of new experiences. Apart than that one can also choose as to who they are going to be staying with, the choice, the interests of the person, and so on.  You can get to stay among the like-minded people, given the above preferences the app allows you with. And more than just staying with like-minded people, I am certain it is going to be an experience of a life time to do something like this with Stayzilla.

Lastly, the app is totally user friendly and convenient to use for all age groups. It is available on both play store and IOS, so well both android and apple phone customers can enjoy the experience with the app. It allows you to make bookings or any cancellations at the tap of a button, which is available with you all the time, I mean literally all the time because we keep at a nearest charging point even while sleeping. So well the app is really user friendly and brings up this amazing concept of opening your doors, to further making room for new beginnings. Go ahead and make room for your new beginnings! Check out the App now!

Mc Cain Smiles

When it comes to the happiness of my loved ones, infinity is the limit till where I can reach or aim at reaching to ensure their happiness or a smile on their face. I am sure it is the same for all of us, as our loved ones and family is what we live for and love to do things for. I personally enjoy food, and considering the fact that I belong to a Sindhi family gives me the leverage all the more to say this that I am a Foodie. We are just born to eat. Trust me when I say that, for we mean every word of this. And well so the same passes on from one generation to the next in the family.

In my family I am closest to my younger sister and wish to give her all the happiness that she deserves and wish to fulfil every wish of hers, and so it goes without saying that she is the most pampered by me in every aspect, Be it Showroom shopping to Street Hoping, we do it all together. And so there is no exception to food. Food being our source of living or rather the only hope for living.

I would be more than willing to use a quick and rather easy method to get away with her demand when it comes upon me, given the fact that I am lazy too. But Nevertheless, I enjoy cooking for her some yummy and different food, which is not just yummy in taste but also healthy to the tummy. And well, I would use Mc Cain Smiles as a surprise snacks for her this weekend when she would get done with her Mid Term Exams. I am sure a smiley snack would get the smile back on her face, which has been lost in the books and the past few study weeks. I would team up the Mc Cain Smiles with a cheese dip, as she is a big time cheese lover, and can have the dip that I make with almost everything and so this is how I plan to give her a small surprise this weekend after a stressful exam week. This would definitely get a smile on her face, as she is a total foodie and would to be surprised by me, with something so delicious and yummy.

Well this is my way of getting a smile on the face of my younger sister, who means the world to me. I hope she keeps smiling like the smile the Mc Cain snack has. Please see the link below: